Teta Boiler and Machine Manufacturing Company. Our company is maintaining the projects of solid, liquid and gas fueled steam, super-heated steam, thermal-oil, hot water and super-heated water boilers and complete boiler rooms and their production, assembly and turn key installation operations in norms of TSE, TRD, DIN and EN.

Combined Energy Plant


The definition of the combined energy plant comes from requirement of more than one energy type obtained from only one source. Combined energy plant that we took into operation for the MDF production facility, supply all the energy requirements from only one source.

In different stages of the production at the MDF production facility;
- Hot gas,
- Steam
- Thermal-oil is necessary.

Hot gas is used at the dryer for the fiber drying. Steam is used at the refiner for chip softening and the thermal-oil is used to form the paste into the MDF plate.

At the combined energy plant;
- 28 MW hot gas,
- 23 MW thermal-oil,
- 36 ton/h steam is produced.

Hot gas and thermal-oil are produced by burning of fuel. Steam is produced at the steam generator by using thermal-oil.

The energy plant is finished and taken into operation at 2007 with a capacity of 53 MW.

At the combined energy plant;
- Wood wastes,
- Wood chips,
- Reject products from different production processes,
- Saw dust,
- Sander dust,
- Fiber are used for source of fuel.

Big pieces like wood wastes and chips are burned on the moving grate; Small pieces like sander dust and saw dust are burned in the dust burning chamber.

Hot air produced at the energy plant is sent directly to the dryer. Produced thermal-oil is both used for steam production as a heat source and sent to the press as well.

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