Teta Boiler and Machine Manufacturing Company. Our company is maintaining the projects of solid, liquid and gas fueled steam, super-heated steam, thermal-oil, hot water and super-heated water boilers and complete boiler rooms and their production, assembly and turn key installation operations in norms of TSE, TRD, DIN and EN.

Thermal-oil Boilers
Liquid & Gas Fired Systems

Three pass, Fully Cylindric
Our Boilers are designed to be used with liquid fuels like diesel oil and fuel oil as well as gas fuels like natural gas and LPG regarding their properties. Boilers at the design stage:

Boilers at the design stage:
· Type,
· Capacity,
· Selected fuel type and characteristics,
· Necessary heating surface,
· Used thermal-oil properties,
· Number of coils for circulation of oil,
· Smoke gas flow rate,
· Inlet-outlet temperature difference of thermal oil,
· Furnace heat load.

After many parameters like these are considered and calculations are done, project is maintained..

Produced thermal-oil boilers are high efficient because they are constructed with three passes. Applying construction criterions the heat inertia is minimized and burning and heat conduction efficiencies are raised to maximum level.

As being TETA Boiler and Machinery Manufacturing Co., we use sheet metal conformable with EN 10028 by producing shells. Thermal-oil circulation pipes are seamless and conformable with St. 35.8. Circulation pipes are manufactured without shrinking and without allowing the by-pass of the smoke gas.

The shell of the boiler is isolated with galvanize, aluminum or stainless steel at the suitable thickness. Refractory material is inserted in the boiler at suitable form to protect places affected from flames..

Our company installs all the necessary control and automation equipment (temperature, pressure, flow control) against any type of problem to minimize the level of risk.

Thermal-oil boilers are manufactured horizontal or vertical type depending on our customers demand.

Thermal-oil Boilers - General Information
Nowadays in many sectors of industry there is a need of high temperatures and heat conduction systems at these temperatures. Boiling water and steam systems can answer these needs of industry by reaching certain pressure values. Pressure values to reach the high temperatures make the boiling water and steam systems disadvantageous in terms of costs, efficiency and security. Heat production and conduction at high temperatures can be maintained by thermal-oil systems.

Thermal-oil systems are system to answer the needs of industrial plants for high temperature fluid in low pressure levels because no alternative fluids can reach these temperatures at low pressures.

Various thermal oils are used in thermal-oil systems which can be heated up to 300320C at atmospheric pressure. Because of the properties of the fluid used in system there are no faults like corrosion or lime binding in devices or fittings which decrease the efficiency and need to be repaired..

Thermal-Oil Usege Areas;
Textile, Dye house,
Paper - Cardboard, Oil Industry,
Rubber, Leather Industry,
Chemical Industry, Grease Industry,
Asphalt, Pitch, Detergent Industry,
Polisher, Dye Production, Canning Industry,
Limber, Parquet, Bottling,
Dye Furnaces,

Reasons why thermal-oil boilers are preferred for industrial use;
· Better Control of the Temperature: Temperature control at thermal-oil systems can be done with the automatic control valves much more perfect and efficient. This plays a magnificent role for maintaining a standard quality of the product.

· Low Operation and Maintenance Costs: Considering operating costs, system efficiency, personal costs, water, maintenance, repair and replacement part costs the thermal-oil systems are economically beneficial then the steam systems.

· More safe because of the low pressure of the system: In comprehension with the steam systems thermal-oil systems are working at low pressures and open to atmosphere with its expansion tanks. Pressure in the system is limited with the need pressure values to beat the pressure loses at circulation pumps, boiler and the pipes. Less qualified personnel is needed to operate a thermal-oil boiler with low pressure.

· Long Lifetime of the System: Thermal-oil systems can be used for a long time without a need of renewal if the necessary maintenance and repair, periodical control and cleaning is done completely.

· High Efficiency: Thermal-oil boiler has a lower efficiency then the steam boiler because of the high temperature funnel gas but considering as a hole system, a thermal-oil boiler with no condense losses, bluff losses, flash steam losses and water losses, the thermal-oil system is more efficient.

Another property of the thermal-oil systems is that the system can answer the steam needs for a process with thermal-oil heat exchangers. Thermal oil / steam heat exchangers can installed easily without additional equipments like funnel or fuel tank.

High funnel gas values, which seem to be a disadvantage, can be used for hot water and air needs and for increasing the boiler efficiency by adding systems like economizer or air heater.

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