Teta Boiler and Machine Manufacturing Company. Our company is maintaining the projects of solid, liquid and gas fueled steam, super-heated steam, thermal-oil, hot water and super-heated water boilers and complete boiler rooms and their production, assembly and turn key installation operations in norms of TSE, TRD, DIN and EN.

Steam Boilers - Solid Fuel Fired Systems
Moving Grate Systems
30t/h Steam Production 18.000.000kcal/h
Heat Capacity with Solid Fuel Fired Single Boiler

In late years the increase of gas and liquid fuel prices and reach of the fuel cost percentages in the unit production costs to high levels forced the manufacturers to think about alternative fuel fired energy plants. TETA offer to the customers economically beneficial and high efficient solutions with cheap fuel and full automatic systems from loading of the fuel to get ash and slag out. With the help of Moving Grate System burn efficiency, automatic slag collecting and effective dust collecting systems and air quality protection regulation can be fulfilled easily. Clean, efficient and cheap energy production possibilities are provided to the manufacturer. Owing to specially designed grills and water tube combustion chamber, wood, coal, sawdust, production wastes and biomass fuel can be burned without problem.

According to the needs, proportional work possibilities and high efficiency can be maintained by solid fuel fired systems through the moving grate burning system. Burning operation can take place completely in water tube combustion chamber in which the moving grate is installed. Heat conduction is maintained in water tube combustion chamber by radiation and in furnace by convection. Smoke that occurs by burning gets trough the furnace and ash particles are separated from the funnel gas at multi-cyclone and the funnel gas is thrown away in acceptable limitations of the air quality protection regulation.

The Supply of Sunflower Husk
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